Sunday, December 28, 2014

Translations are getting easier and easier...

...aren't they?
I found a great place to practice single words for you here:

Click here

Let's check our handbook too and see:

Page 47

Translation Exam Practice 3

1.       John loves Mary but she doesn’t love him.

2.       Germany isn’t as big as France.

3.       Mandy is the tallest girl in her class, but James is almost as tall as her.

4.       I eat an apple every day, but now I’m eating a peach.

5.       Last night we ate dinner in a good restaurant.  I ate pizza because it is my favourite food. My mother ate spaghetti.  My father wasn’t hungry.  He didn’t eat anything.

6.       He always brushes his teeth after dinner.  He sometimes forgets to brush his teeth after breakfast.

7.       “How was your trip to Australia?” “It was the most interesting holiday we have ever had.”  We saw a lot of sights.

8.       I live with my parents.  Our flat(apartment) is really (very) nice.

9.       She isn’t working now.  She is sleeping. She worked eleven hours yesterday. (They aren’t working now. They are sleeping. They worked eleven hours yesterday.)

10.   example answers: [My birthday is on the tenth of June, nineteen ninety-five.] or

                                 [My birthday is on June tenth, nineteen ninety-five.]

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