Friday, August 29, 2014

Tip: Motivation is half the work


 Well, that’s definitely not the way it works.

Try to find a positive aspect to studying.
Why not watch your favourite film in English and write down some useful words or phrases that you want to remember.
You could also read the lyrics of Top 10 songs and try to understand what they are about. Or check out celebrity sites and learn more about famous actors, bands and other stars.
This sure is good for your vocabulary and on top of that – it’s lots of fun.

Always look on the bright side of life. Image result for image bright side of life

Sing along with Monty Python HERE

Listening Podcast

Do you know what a podcast is? Practise your English language listening skills with Elementary Podcasts presented by the British Council.
Listen to them on your computer, or download them to your mp3 player or Smartphone.

Please give it a try.  You can follow each story with the tapescript too. 
 This is the link to the LearnEnglishPocasts series :

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School

Can you name some objects related to school?

Let's see!

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The preposition phrase

A prepositional phrase is made up of a preposition and an object.
We use prepositional phrases for many purposes, for example:
- as adverbials of time and place:
We will be back in a few days.
They drove to Glasgow.

- as a postmodifier in a noun phrase:
Helen is the girl in the red dress
We’ve got a new television with a thirty one inch screen.

- to show who did something:
The lion was killed by the hunter
I saw a wonderful painting by Van Gogh

- with double object verbs like give and get:
We gave five pounds to the woman on the corner.
They got a drink for me.

- after certain verbs, nouns and adjectives:
The book belongs to me.
I had an argument with my brother.
I feel sorry for you.
The British Council has made us an online practice session. Thank you!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Do you like crosswords?

Do you like animals?Image result for image animals


This exercise is exactly right for you.

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I'm not sure if... feel like going clothes shopping while on holiday, but just in case, let's brush-up on the names.

Here are a bunch of different clothes items.  Can you name them?


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ready for a challenge?

How well do you know some well-known English proverbs?


                                                              Here is an example:

Your turn:
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What is it called?

Words about transportation are important.
Especially when you need to go somewhere. Like on vacation to Mars!

Try this vocabulary building exercise.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1st- Happy Swiss National Day!

Switzerland (German: Schweiz; French: Suisse; Italian: Svizzera; Romansh: Svizra; Swiss German: Schwiz) is a small country in Western Europe. The official name of Switzerland is Confoederatio Helvetica.

Read about Switzerland in simple English.

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Brunch anyone?

The Swiss National Day on August 1st is often marked by families with the tradition of brunch on a localfarm.  But things are changing. 

A National Day brunch on a farm in canton Graubünden in 2012 (Keystone)
Read more here:  CLICK

Thanks to Swiss News in English