Friday, April 23, 2021

Even more ready for your Cambridge KET exam?

Listening to different accents and voices and practicing with

authentic exam examples is essential in preparing for the 

listening part. 

Listen up HERE 

 Hello everyone!

It's a strange time in the world, isn't it? Are you at home?
Here are some documents from an A1 level grammar course.

Wishing you well and I hopes that you are happy and healthy.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Why straight out ask a question....

 ...when you can be indirect?

Let's compare:

Where does she play tennis?                      direct question

Can you tell me where she plays tennis?     indirect question 

Do they work in Canada?                direct question

Can you tell me if they work in Canada?    indirect question

 Give it a GO HERE

Ready for your Cambridge A2 KET exam?

 Last minute reading practice is always a good idea. 


Daily practice is even better! 

Here are two reading exam links for you: 

Practice one

Practice two