Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Have and have got

 Have and have got show possession (ownership). 

They are the same meaning. Have got is often used more  in British spoken English. Have is more American.

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Let’s look at have: 

Positive                             Negative  

I have a big garden.          I don’t have a big garden.

You have a nice flat.         You don’t have a nice flat.

We have a long day.          We don’t have a long day.

They have a child.             They don’t have a child.

BUT he/she/it is different:

He has a good job.            He dean’s have a good job.

She has an electric bike.   She doesn’t have an e- bike. 

It has four legs.(dog)       It doesn’t have four legs.(a hen)

Let’s look at have got:

I’ve got a brother.            I haven’t got a sister.

You’ve got a nice family.  You haven’t got a nice family.

We’ve got many books.     We haven’t got many gadgets.

They’ve got a cat.              They haven’t got a dog.

BUT he/she/it is different:

He’s got a headache.          He hasn’t got a toothache.

She’s got a MacBook.        She hasn’t got a tablet.

It’s got four wheels. (car).  It hasn’t got two wheels.