Wednesday, July 29, 2020

CAE writing skill linking words - addition

Today we visit another set of linking words to pep up and bring a higher standard to your CAE writing paper.

CAE Writing: Linking Words


Choose the answer A or B that has the most appropriate level of formality for the sentence.
(solutions under exercise)

1) I overslept this morning. ........ , my car ran out of petrol on the way to work.
  A    Not only that
  B   Furthermore
2) The report is expected to be critical of the industry. ........, it is likely to recommend extensive changes to production.
  A    What's more
  B   Furthermore
3) The witness claims to have seen the suspect at the scene of the crime. ........, the police are in possession of video evidence of the man entering the building.
  A    Moreover
  B   As well as that
4) ........ the wonderful main meal we also had a delicious pudding.
  A    In addition to
  B   Besides
5) If you're going into town could you get me some shampoo? ........, we need some more bread.
  A    Also
  B   Furthermore
6) Payments to your account have fallen behind considerably. ........, on several occasions your credit limit has been exceeded.
  A    Moreover
  B   Besides this
7) It was a brilliant game. ........, we didn't have to pay to get in!
  A    What's more
  B   In addition
8) The meeting concluded without any agreement being reached. ........, several further issues arose.
  A    As well as that
  B   In addition

Solutions:  1A             2B             3A              4B              5A              6A              7A             8B

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

CAE writing linking words - contrast

In the CAE you are expected to show your writing skills.  Let's look now at some key words needed for producing a good writing.
First up: 

CAE Writing: Linking Words

 Click on the answer A, B, C or D that completes each sentence. There are EIGHT questions in all.
  (Solutions under exercise)
1) The team haven't been playing too well. ......, they are expected to win this afternoon.

  A   Nevertheless
  B   In contrast
  C   On the contrary
  D   Whereas

2) ........ in nearly every country in the world they drive on the right, in England they insist on driving on the left.

  A    On the one hand
  B    While
  C    Nevertheless
  D    In contrast

3) ........ to the north, which will remain warm and sunny, the south will become cloudy during the early morning.

  A    On the contrary
  B    In contrast
  C    Although
  D    While

4) He couldn't get the machine to work ........ following the instructions carefully.

  A    despite
  B    however
  C    while
  D    yet

5) I'm not tired at all. ........, I'm feeling full of energy.

A    However
  B    In contrast
  C    On the contrary
  D    Despite

6) ........ the computer had recently been repaired, it still kept crashing.

  A   Although
  B   Whereas
  C    In spite of
  D    Nevertheless

7) I know we agreed to raise the issue at the next meeting ........ we simply won't have the time to discuss it.

  A    although
  B    whereas
  C    but
  D    still

8) The man was arrested ........ claiming to have been nowhere near the scene of the crime.

  A    whereas
  B    in spite of
  C    yet
  D    in contrast

Solutions:  1A             2B             3B              4A              5C              6A                7C           8B

Friday, July 10, 2020

Summer break reminder

We realise it is the middle of Summer break - but why don't you take a moment to freshen up your skills?

Follow this link and let us know how you do!