Wednesday, July 22, 2020

CAE writing linking words - contrast

In the CAE you are expected to show your writing skills.  Let's look now at some key words needed for producing a good writing.
First up: 

CAE Writing: Linking Words

 Click on the answer A, B, C or D that completes each sentence. There are EIGHT questions in all.
  (Solutions under exercise)
1) The team haven't been playing too well. ......, they are expected to win this afternoon.

  A   Nevertheless
  B   In contrast
  C   On the contrary
  D   Whereas

2) ........ in nearly every country in the world they drive on the right, in England they insist on driving on the left.

  A    On the one hand
  B    While
  C    Nevertheless
  D    In contrast

3) ........ to the north, which will remain warm and sunny, the south will become cloudy during the early morning.

  A    On the contrary
  B    In contrast
  C    Although
  D    While

4) He couldn't get the machine to work ........ following the instructions carefully.

  A    despite
  B    however
  C    while
  D    yet

5) I'm not tired at all. ........, I'm feeling full of energy.

A    However
  B    In contrast
  C    On the contrary
  D    Despite

6) ........ the computer had recently been repaired, it still kept crashing.

  A   Although
  B   Whereas
  C    In spite of
  D    Nevertheless

7) I know we agreed to raise the issue at the next meeting ........ we simply won't have the time to discuss it.

  A    although
  B    whereas
  C    but
  D    still

8) The man was arrested ........ claiming to have been nowhere near the scene of the crime.

  A    whereas
  B    in spite of
  C    yet
  D    in contrast

Solutions:  1A             2B             3B              4A              5C              6A                7C           8B

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