Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The future is now? Or not?

Let’s talk about certainty and  probability 


We often use the probable form to state opinions and give our thoughts.  They may or may not be factual.


                             certain to/ (n. certainty)                 

The Swiss government is certain to follow suit with the EU on E-mobility legislation.            

The certainty of following  suit with the EU on E-mobility is assured.


likely to /unlikely to / (n. likelihood)

It is likely to affect employment in that sector. 

The likelihood of effects on employment is high.


probable that / improbable that (n. probability)

It is probable that we will get self-driven cars sooner.

The probability of getting* self-driven cars sooner is high.


will definitely be / not be

(In my opinion) The recycling of batteries will definitely not be solved overnight.

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