Friday, January 28, 2022

The future is now? Or not?

Let’s talk about certainty and  probability 


We often use the probable form to state opinions and give our thoughts.  They may or may not be factual.


                             certain to/ (n. certainty)                 

The Swiss government is certain to follow suit with the EU on E-mobility legislation.            

The certainty of following  suit with the EU on E-mobility is assured.


likely to /unlikely to / (n. likelihood)

It is likely to affect employment in that sector. 

The likelihood of effects on employment is high.


probable that / improbable that (n. probability)

It is probable that we will get self-driven cars sooner.

The probability of getting* self-driven cars sooner is high.


will definitely be / not be

(In my opinion) The recycling of batteries will definitely not be solved overnight.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Expressions with 'cold'

Get cold feet (not do something because you get nervous): She wanted to sing at the concert but then she got cold feet

 Blow hot and cold (often change your opinion about something): I blow hot and cold about London. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. 

 Give someone the cold shoulder (not be friendly to someone): She gave him the cold shoulder after they broke up. 

 Leave someone cold (not impress someone): I'm afraid that film really left me cold. 

Throw cold water on something (say an idea isn't good): Please don't throw cold water on my idea! Let me try it. 

A cold snap (a short period of cold weather): We're in the middle of a cold snap right now. ​ 

Be cold comfort (not be comforting): She wanted to win first prize, so coming fourth was cold comfort. ​ 

Be knocked out cold (be made unconscious): The boxer was knocked out cold. ​ 

Cold hard cash (money):  Don't give me presents! I want cold hard cash! ​

In cold blood (of a crime, not at the moment of being angry or upset): He killed the man in cold blood. 


Let's review! 

What's the missing word or words? ​ 

1. He's looking for cold hard ____________________ for his work, not an exchange. 

2. Everyone seems to like that new restaurant, but it ____________________ me cold. 

3. It's freezing! I wish this cold ____________________ would end.


Answers ​ 
1. He's looking for cold hard cash for his work, not an exchange. 
2. Everyone seems to like that new restaurant, but it leaves me cold. 
3. It's freezing! I wish this cold snap would end. 

credit: perfectenglishgrammar

Friday, January 14, 2022

Gap fill 1 solutions-the man with amnesia

Two weeks ago a man walked into a police station in Brighton, United Kingdom, with a bruise on his head and a cut over his left eye.  He can’t remember his name or where he comes from.  In fact, he can remember nothing about his life. 

He is about 25 years old.  He is rather tall, about 2.10 metres and he’s got curly black hair and blue eyes.  When he arrived at the police station he was wearing a long sleeve blue polo shirt, dark blue jeans, and a pair of brown leather shoes He had a green rucksack and wore a dark brown leather jacket.  Police found no identification or paperwork in the rucksack.   They found a wallet with 22 pounds, a bus pass, a folding umbrella  a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water and a photo of a woman.  The woman in the photo is tall and thin and has long blonde hair, grey eyes, and is wearing a red mini skirt with a white blouse. He thinks maybe she is his girlfriendbut he can’t remember for sure.

He has a British accent and speaks only English. He thinks his name  is James Moore but police and birth records can find no information about him. A photograph of him was sent to missing persons organisations all over the country  but until now no one has called.  Do you have any information about this  person?  Please contact your local police station!