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Teaching English in Art Context is fun!
 A year of conversation at the best level possible

CAE exam class clip

Looking good Christoph and Laura.
missing Stefan, Hans Jurg, Bettina and Anna
(Is this really what learning looks like? :-)

Laurin is hard at work-because learning English is FUN!!!
January 2014, Lernforum,  Chur
                                                Open Air classroom. This is learning at its best!!
                                                    Summer in Juchs, Graubünden
                                                with Paola and Alice from the CAE 2017 class

Heidi was one of my "original students"- That's to say, way back when it was still The English Studio, Heidi was in one of my Elementary classes.(Let's not talk about how long ago that was- we wouldn't want me to start feeling old would we?) We've again been studying together-along with Elisa- who wasn't able to join us this time-& Heidi speaks English 'like a book'. You make me proud! Because for you communication is what you want, not academic excellence... Thanks for a fun trip to Feldis, Switzerland.

                                                                FCE Class 2016
We are one happy and adorable class of English learners. Congratulations on the completion of your Cambridge First Certificate course at! Your results  show "Pass with Merit"!

Hanno and Artan; Marco and Stefanie
Priska and Valeria

Caroline and Torrie