Friday, February 19, 2010

Biweekly? Disorganized?

Prefix/Suffix Multiple Choice
Choose the best available answer for each of the following:
1) This newspaper is a BIWEEKLY.
a) the newspaper is published once a week b) the newspaper is published three times a week c) the newspaper is published twice a week

2) This medicine is a nasal DECONGESTANT.
a) the medicine helps to reduce nasal congestion b) the medicine causes nasal congestion c) the medicine makes your nose bigger

3) That shopping bag is REUSABLE.
a) throw the shopping bag away, we won’t need it again b) don’t throw away the shopping bag because we can use it again. c) if you throw the shopping bag we cannot use it again

4) I’m sorry I MISREAD the notice and therefore MISUNDERSTOOD the message.
a) Did not read the notice correctly and therefore did not understand correctly. b) Read the notice and understood the message correctly c) Did not read the notice and therefore did not understand the message.

5) We usually do not publish articles we don’t PREVIEW.
a) we usually read articles before publication b) we do not read articles after publication c) we read articles the day we publish them

6) REFORESTATION will help to RESTORE our environment.
a) planting trees again will REPLENISH our environment. b) cutting down trees will further help to worsen the environment. c) forests should be cut to improve the worsening environmental pollution

7) DEFORESTATION will cause environmental DEPLETION.
a) Means planting trees will help our environment from DEPLETION b) Means cutting down trees will cause further environmental DEPLETION c) Means too many forests will cause further environmental DEPLETION

8) Why is it called “OCTOBER” when it is not the eighth month of the year?
a) Because this is an exception with the OCTO prefix. b) There is no reason why. c) Because October used to be the eighth month of the Roman Calendar.

1. = c 2. = a 3. = b 4. = a 5. =a 6. =a 7. =b 8. =c

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Elementary reading for you

Hi new learners!
Read about elephants here.

CAE for you

Practice makes perfect, and here is a way to get just a little more practice in!
CAE exam

Happy Valentines Day

Today is St. Valentines Day, but just where did this romantic holiday originate? watch this video to find out -and- let yourself be loved today!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Frugal Family Guide

This is a story about only buying stuff you can afford-to be frugal- in today's world. Great examples of American slang and an informal language.

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