Friday, December 19, 2014

Place and Movement Expressions

Prepositions are used to show movement to or from a place.

Specifically we use to, through, across, to show movement with the aim of a specific destination. 

Take the following as examples of to:
- I moved to Germany in 1998. 
-  He's gone to the shops. 

We use through to show movement from one side of an enclosed space to the other:
- The train went through the tunnel.

We use across to show movement from one side of a surface or line to another:
- She swam across the river.

In order to practice these place and movement expressions, use the following 20 exercises to spur your memory and see how well you do. The answers will be found at the bottom of this exercise. 

1 Turn right ________ the traffic lights and drive 100 metres.
A  on        B  at             C  to          

2   I met Jorge ________ the caf√©.
A  outside          B  out          C  out from         

3  My flat is three floors ________ Alicia’s flat.
A  past          B  on top of          C  above         

4   I phoned Suresh ________ his office.
A  to          B  at          C  in         

5   When the rain came, we stayed ________ the umbrella and kept dry.
A  below          B  under          C  into         

6  I was so happy when I saw Jane walking ________ me.
A  along          B  over          C  towards         

7   If you go ________ the corner, you’ll see the post office.
A round          B  at          C  under         

8  As the car drove ________, I could see Pat waving from the back seat.
A away            onto          C out of         

9  You should always keep your passport ________ a safe place.
A into          B inside          C  in                                  

10 I left my keys ________ the table, but they’re not there now.
A on top          B on          C  over         

11 As they walked ________ the dark tunnel, they held hands.
A through          B across          C under       

12 She lives in a flat ________a shop.
A below          B over          C under       

13 We kept an eye open for speed cameras as we drove _________ the bridge.
A into           B below          C under       

14 I fell _________ the ladder and hurt myself.
A below          B  away          C off      

15 We decided to go_________ because the heat was so oppressive.
A into          B in          C inside       

16 Please- don’t leave the keys _________ the counter.
A on          B on top of          C onto       

17 I would prefer you put the bags _________ the refrigerator.
A on          B on top of          C onto       

18 I’m going to take the suitcases _________ the basement so we can begin organizing our packing.
A out of          B outside          C out       

19 You will find the restroom if you walk _________ the main entrance.
A to          B towards          C onto       

20 I called you but your sister said you were _________a concert.
A on          B at          C in       

  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. B
  6. C
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. C
  14. C
  15. C
  16. A
  17. B
  18. A
  19. B
  20. B

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