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Some and Any + plus answers for handbook page 44

Let's look at the use of some and any in plural noun and uncountable nounsentences.
I'd like some time. ( time is not countable-einige Zeit) I have some books in my bag.
I wouldn't like any tea, thank you.  (tea is uncountable- the sentence is negative) I don't have any books in my bag.
Would you like some cake? (cake is uncountable-this is a question)

Here is your practice page:

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Page 44             

1.       some / any

2.       some

3.       any

4.       any

5.       any

6.       some

7.       any

8.       some

9.       some

10.   any / any

11.   some / any


2. Complete the sentences:

1. Is there any shampoo?

2. I’m going to write some letters.

3. I can’t take any photographs.

4. Do you speak any foreign languages?

5. Yesterday evening I went to a restaurant with some friends of mine.

6. Can I have some milk in my  tea?

7. I’m going out for some fresh air.

8. Would you like some cheese?

9. I don’t need any help

10. There aren’t any batteries in it.


3. Complete the sentences:

                1. There aren’t

                2. There is

                3. is there

                4. There are

                5. are there

                6. there isn’t

7. Is there

                8. Are there

                9. There is  / There aren’t


4. Translation:

                1. Would you like some cake?

                2. There is a cat on the sofa.

                3. There are a lot of flowers in our garden.

                4. We don’t have any food in the house.

                5. Is there a good restaurant near here?

                6. There is some bread on the table.

                7. We met some friends in the city.

                8. We don’t have any milk.

                9. There is an old church in the village.

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