Saturday, December 13, 2014

Can transations get easier?

YES they can.  Keep practicing.

Key page 37

Translation  Review 1

1.       ‘What are you doing?’  ‘I’m (I am) doing my homework.’

2.       Do you often go to the cinema?

3.       The baby sleeps a lot, but she is crying now.

4.       Do you understand what I mean?

5.       The children don’t  (do not) want to go to bed.

6.       Jane studies a lot, but now she is playing with the cat.

7.       That is impossible!  I don’t believe it!

8.       ‘Where are the children?’ They’re (they are) playing in the garden.

9.       Are you writing a letter?’

10.   ‘Yes, I’m (I am) writing to Chris.

11.   Does Susan have (has Susan got)a bicycle?

12.   He never goes to the cinema.

13.   What colour is your car?

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