Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Traditions

In preparation for tonight, New Year Eve, I had a quick look for some interesting facts about just how different nationalities celebrate their way into the next year. I came up with some very interesting findings. Who knew that in Peru, people actually fought each other, in hopes of getting a fresh start for the New Year, or that in Ireland people traditionally beat bread against the wall?

Have a look at this video, outlining the 25 Strangest New Year's Traditions From Around The World. To help you, you can always use the subtitles used in the text, by clicking on the little CC icon in the bottom, right hand corner...I will test your comprehension after you've watched it, so listen closely!

25. Denmark:

24. Ecuador:

23. Spain:

22. Philippines:

21. Various South American Countries:

20. Japan:

19. Peru:

18. Switzerland:

17. Romania:

16. Puerto Rico:

15. Belgium:

14. Bolivia:

13. France:

12. Colombia:

11. Denmark:

10. Thailand:

9. Chile:

8. Romania:

7. Ireland:

6. South Africa:

5. Siberia:

4. Finland:

3. Panama:

2. Scotland:

1. Estonia:


25. Denmark: Broken Plates / Unused Dishes Shattering

24. Ecuador: Paper-filled Scarecrow / Photograph Burning

23. Spain: Eating 12 Grapes

22. Philippines: Round Things – Representing Coins

21. Various South American Countries: Colored Underwear
Red – Love

Gold – Wealth

White – Peace

20. Japan: 108 Bell Rings (Buddhist Belief of Cleanliness) & Smiling

19. Peru: Takanakuy Festival (Fist Fighting Festival)

18. Switzerland: Dropping Ice Cream

17. Romania: Coin Tossing

16. Puerto Rico: Water Buckets

15. Belgium: Cows

14. Bolivia: Sweet Coins (Baked Goods)

13. France: Pancakes

12. Colombia: Suitcases (Travel Filled Year)

11. Denmark: High Jump from Chairs

10. Thailand: Talc Smearing & Buckets of Water

9. Chile: Cemetery Sleepover

8. Romania: Animal Whispering

7. Ireland: Bread Power (Hit Walls)

6. South Africa: Furniture Disposal

5. Siberia: Frozen Trunks

4. Finland: Metal Casters

3. Panama: Effigy Burning

2. Scotland: First Footing

1. Estonia: Eating for Abundance

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