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PV.III.Gymnasium/HMS/FMS English Handbook Key page 64 & 65

I'm sorry my regular followers have to put up with all of these answers, but believe me, it is a good thing for those who are now studying to get into the Cantonal School/high school in the area of Chur, Switzerland.  So please be patient for a few more weeks!
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Key        page 64

1.       Tina lost her handbag. (at the moment of speaking=Tina has lost her handbag.)

2.       Sam bought a new computer.

3.       ‘Where are the children?’ ‘They went to bed.’

4.       What did you watch on TV last night?(yesterday evening)

5.       Did you see David last week?

6.       He sang ‘Saturday Night’ by Aerosmith.

7.       Liz called me yesterday.

8.       ‘How did you break your arm?’

9.       We had(ate) fish last weekend and it was very good.(Last weekend we had(ate) fish and it was very good.)

10.   I broke a glass last night.(Last night I broke a glass.) I’m really sorry.

11.   ‘Where were you last weekend?’ ‘We were in the mountains.’

12.   When Mary was little, she was afraid of the dark.

13.   ‘Why were you tired today?’

14.   My sister worked in France from 1994 to 1996.  


Key        page 65

1.       My mother likes love songs and slow music.  One of her favourite songs is called ‘Lady in Red’ by Chris de Burgh.  My father is a heavy metal fan.  He has a lot of CDs by Meatloaf. He doesn’t like pop music at all.  My little sister likes girl bands.  She hates jazz and thinks that it is horrible (terrible).


2.       What did you watch on TV last night?  I watched X-Zone.  What do you think about(of) this film?  It was really good!(great/super)



3.       Do you like chocolate cake?  Yes, of course.  And you?  What is your favourite dessert?  I’m not sure, but last weekend I had(ate) some lemon cake and it was really good.


4.       Let’s go.  Where?  I’d like to go home and finish my homework.  Have you done yours?  No, I always do my homework before I go to bed.



5.       At the weekend Steve and Jane don’t do much. (Steve and Jane don’t do much at the weekend.)


6.       He never does his homework.

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