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Let's contrast present simple and present continuous / PV.III. Gymnasium practice pg 71

Page 71


1.        John is a photographer. He works for Samsung. He is taking a bath. Does he take photos? Yes, he does.  Is he taking photos? No, he isn’t.  What is he doing? He’s taking a bath.


2.       Sarah is a bus driver for the city of Manchester.  She is working now. Does she drive a bus? Yes, she does.  Is she driving a bus? Yes, she is. What is she doing? She’s driving a bus.



3.        Mark and Maria are teachers at the high school.  They’re having a romantic dinner. 

Are they teaching? No, they aren’t.  What do they do?  They teach(at the high school).  Do they teach? Yes, they do.


4.        Gerald is an auto mechanic.  He repairs cars. He is on holiday in Spain with his family. They are playing volleyball at the beach.  Does he repair cars?  Yes, he does. Is he repairing a car? No, he isn’t.  What is her doing?  He’s playing volleyball with his family.


2.            1. Do you speak English?

                2. I don’t know.

                3. Why are you laughing?

                4. What does your sister do?

                5. It is raining. I don’t want to go out in the rain.

                6. Where are you from?

                7. How much does it cost to phone Canada?

                8. George is a good tennis player but he doesn’t play very often.



  1. Tim hat seine Handy verloren. Tim lost(has lost) his mobile phone.

2.       Er hat „ Live and Let Die“ gesungen.  He sang „Live and Let Die“.

  1. Wer wohnt in Paris?  Herr Depardeau wohnt in Paris.

Who lives in Paris?  Mr. Depardeau lives in Paris.

  1. Ich bin gerade beim (bei dem) Zahn putzen. I’m brushing my teeth(right now).
  2. Er kommt gerade vom (von dem) Zahnarzt.

He is returning (coming back) from the dentist’s.

  1. Ich hänge das Bild an die Wand. I hang the photo on the wall.

7.       Ich gehe jetzt nicht in die Schule. I’m not going into (to) school now.

  1. Was kostet 44 Euro? Das Buch kostet 44 Euro.

What costs forty-four Euros?  The book costs forty-four Euros.

9.       Wer liest ein Buch? James. Was liest er?  Ein Krimi. Who is reading a book?  James.  What is he reading? A thriller.

  1. Um 14:00 Peter holt die Mutter vom Bahnhof ab.

Peter picks (is picking) his mother up from the train station at two o’clock.

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