Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Christmas Carol: Chapter 5 – The End of It (Answers)

According to the text, are the statements true or false?
The three ghosts have visited Scrooge in the same night. TRUE
Scrooge buys a big turkey for Fred's family. FALSE
Scrooge celebrates Christmas with his nephew. TRUE 
The day after Christmas Day, Scrooge is angry with Bob Cratchit because he is late for work. FALSE
In the end, Scrooge still thinks that Christmas is ‘humbug’. FALSE

Find a word in the text for each of the definitions given below.
A person with wings that lives in heaven. – ANGEL
It's the day before today. – YESTERDAY
A place where people go to pray. – CHURCH
A place where people live. – HOUSE
The money people get for the work they do. – SALARY

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