Friday, September 20, 2013

look see watch? Help!

These can be confusing verbs, but they don't have to be!  Look here:
After studying the examples, it is time to practice.

1. You can't_____ far in this fog.
2. Fred and Jane_____ well tonight.
3. May I have a_____ at it ?
4._____ you tomorrow, if nothing comes in between !
5._____ out for pickpockets !
6. Did you_____ 'Lost' yesterday ?
7. Can you _____the red car on the left ?
8. Hey ! What's wrong ? You really_____ unhappy tonight !

to watchLike to look, but these things can changeHe watches TV in the evenings.

to seeVisual impression come to our eyes
Can you see the blue car over there ?
I see what you mean !

to lookTo pay attention
To try to see what is there
Look at the board , please !
You can look up the words in the dictionary.

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