Saturday, September 7, 2013

Confusing Verbs:USED TO and WOULD- another practice

Dish washing in the 1950s

Dishwashing Days

Read the Paragraph
In the 1950s, women (1wash) dishes in the kitchen sink. A woman (2wash) the dishes immediately after everyone finished a meal. Her husband (3rarely–wash) dishes because it was not considered to be his job. A wife (often–do) the dishes by hand. She (4do) the dishes three times a day. I remember that my mother (5have) a special towel just for dishes not for hands.
She (6get) angry if we dried our hands with it. She (7be) a very strict mother. Did your mother (8have) the same rule? She would use a separate towel for dishes, wouldn't she? My grandmother (9do) the dishes for thirty years. Then she bought a dishwasher. Last year, she (10use) a dishwasher for the first time and will never go back to hand-washing the dishes!

1 would/used to
2 would
3 would
4 would
5 used to
6 would
7 used to
8 used to
9 would/used to
10 used


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