Friday, February 15, 2013

Practice time

Multiple Choice

Choose the best answer
1. Teresa _________ French at evening classes this term.
A. is studying
B. studies
C. study
2. I don’t know what this sentence _____________.
A. is meaning
B. means
C. mean
3. Kevin was driving into town when he _______________ into his friend Keith.
A. was running
B. run
C. ran
4. I don’t enjoy computer games now, but I ___________ like them when I was younger.
A. was used to
B. used to
C. would
5. We expected Keith at 7.30 but he _____________ yet.
A. hasn’t arrived
B. has arrived
C. didn’t arrive
6. The film started ____________ so you’ve missed quite a lot.
A. for half an hour
B. half an hour ago
C. since half an hour
7. When ____________ the picnic, they went for a swim in the lake.
A. they’d been eating
B. they’d eaten
C. they’ve eaten
8. ____________ my sister three times today but her number is always engaged.
A. I’d phoned
B. I’ve been phoning
C. I’ve phoned

1.       a

2.       b

3.       c

4.       b

5.       b

6.       b

7.       b

8.       c

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