Sunday, October 18, 2020

Linking words from yesterday

 And here are the solutions.

I hope you noted the commas and the formal vs informal tones. No?  Look again.  Is the sentence proper? What connector did it use?

Is the information a contrast or extra information?




Their team has got the best players. Besides, their coach is fantastic.

Anna is talented at music as well as art.

In London we saw the Queen’s palace. In addition we visited the British Museum.

When I was young, I wanted to become a doctor. I also wanted to be famous.

The service at this restaurant is excellent. Moreover, the food is delicious.

Roger works very hard to help his parents. Furthermore, he’s also a good student.

I’m keen on Ice cream as well as chocolate.



Their team has got the best players. Nevertheless, they lost the last game.

Lorena seems to be quite clever. However, she often gets low marks.

Jordi is a careful driver. Nevertheless, he has had several accidents.

Although Jordi is a careful driver, he has had several accidents.

I’d love to come. However, I really haven’t got time.

Although they get on very well, they are not best friends.

Tina gets good grades because she works hard whereas Kate is simply lazy.

Tina gets good grades because she works hard. Kate, in contrast, is very lazy.

Tina is very hard-working. Kate, on the other hand, is lazy.



Chris did not revise before the test. Consequently, he got a poor grade.

Lena works very hard at school. As a result, she is one of the best students.

I forgot to bring my homework again. Therefore, I had to stay behind after school.

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