Friday, April 10, 2015

Practice Exercises in the Future Tense!!

Here is your teacher again, asking you to please spend some time looking at the different ways we use will and going to in the future. For the key scroll down the page.

Good luck dear student.

"will" and "won´t" and "going to"

How you can use 'will' or ' 'll':

1.Will can be used to invite
e.g. ¨Will you have a meal with us tonight?"

2.It can be used to make a polite request:

e.g. "Will you help me, please?"

3.It can be used to predict:
e.g. "It´ll be a lovely day tomorrow".
4. And to warn
e.g. "You won´t be able to sleep tonight if you drink so much coffee!"
5.It can be used to refuse e.g. "I won´t let him in my house".
6.And it can be used to offer e.g. "I´ll carry that for you".
7.It can be used to "suppose" e.g. He´ll be home now. It´s six o´clock. He always gets home at this time"

Functions of "Going to":
1. To talk about the future when the decision has already been made before the moment of speaking.
e.g. "I decided yesterday: I´m going to leave my job".
2.To talk about the future when there´s evidence, or proof, which makes you certain about an action in the future. E.g. Nancy and John are going to have a baby.

Practice Exercise:

Now decide which one is correct and what it means:

1. Oh! You´re going to the airport too. ........give me a lift?
2. I haven´t got any money. .........go to the bank.
3. Look at those black clouds. I´m sure it...........rain.
4. When Tim grows up, he..............a geologist.
5. Don´t jump! You.........................kill yourself!
6. I feel terrible! I think sick.
7. My father´s a good lawyer and you to get a divorce if you ask him.
8. (child to parent: ) I................go to bed. (negative).
9. The exam results ready. It´s the last day of school.
10. She.....................visit her mother tomorrow. She always visits her on Sunday.

1. Will you (or could you) give me a lift?
2. I'm going to go to the bank.
3. I'm sure it's going to rain.
4. He's going to be a geologist.
5. You'll kill yourself!
6. I'm going to be sick.
7...he will help you....
8. I won't go to bed.
9. The exam results will be ready.
10. She's going to visit her mother tomorrow.

*another good exercise from grammarcat*

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