Monday, March 23, 2015

Idiomic Pairs #3

Practice makes perfect. Lets see how you do with this third set!

   by and large = in general.
I guess the team played quite well, by and large.

   chapter and verse = with a lot of details.
The teacher gave them chapter and verse about where to find the information.

   far and wide = everywhere.
She tried far and wide to find the keys but she couldn't. She had to take a taxi instead.

   first and foremost = most important.
First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for this welcome.

   forgive and forget = forget enmity.
 Let's be friends again, I'm sorry, but you have to forgive and forget.

   free and easy = relaxed, friendly.
She knew that life wouldn't be so free and easy at work.

   hit and miss = random.
I don't know how to operate this machine, it's just a question of hit and miss for me!

   live and learn = become wiser.
You trusted her and she deceived you. You live and learn, so don't get fooled again.

   in and out = entering and leaving a place.
The boss has been in and out all day, to see if the employees were working.

   loud and clear = very clearly.
 Even though he was 400km away, I could hear him loud and clear on the phone line.

   now and again = occasionally.
They like to go to a concert now and again.

   on and off = not all the time, at irregular intervals.
It's been raining on and off all day, I hate this kind of weather.

   sink or swim = be successful or fail.
This a very difficult job, you have to be careful. It's really sink or swim.

   up and about = in good health.
After the accident, he recovered very well, he's now up and about.

   wait and see = wait patiently.
I hope this government will be able to put plans into practice, but we must wait and see.


1. People came from------------------------------------ to see this concert.

2. We got your message ------------------------------------------- .

3. I guess we'll just----------------------------------- how things develop.

4. It's good to see you ------------------------------------- again!

5.----------------------------------------------- , the new arrangements have worked well so far.

6. The guide won't help you much, you are really left to----------------------------------------- .

7. We see our in-laws------------------------------------------------ .

8. What if we stop arguing? Let's----------------------------------------- .

Ill post the answers tomorrow!

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