Saturday, August 31, 2013

Conditions: if or ___?

                                          GRAMMAR NOTE
Other words or phrases can be used in place of ‚if‘. 
I won’t do anything unless you help me.  (=if you do not help me)
I’ll leave some money here in case you need it.(=because you may need it)
I’ll lend you the money provided that you pay me back in a week)
I won’t go even if you beg me. (=it doesn’t matter if you beg me)

in case  or   if ?

1 My neighbors have gotten a watch dog.  _______ someone tries to break in they

 will have a big surprise.

2 I brought extra money_________the tickets for the show cost more than I expect.

3 The workers posted a ‚wet paint‘ sign on the doorway________someone doesn’t realize the paint is still wet.

4 ____ I get the new job I will move to Berne.

Unless  or  provided that ?

5 You can borrow my notes __________ you return them this afternoon.

6 She will not pass the exam_______she studies hard.

7 We will be late_______ we hurry.
8 __________it doesn’t rain, we will go for a walk.

Even if  or  in case ?

9 The concert starts at 8 pm.  It is 7:55 pm.    ______ we hurry, we will miss the beginning.

10 I’ll probably go home over the weekend.  But _________I don’t  would you like to

go to the museum with me?

11 I will clean my apartment ________ I have friends over this weekend.

12 I have alot of homework._______I work all evening on my homework I will not be finished.
Good Luck!
1 if
2 in case
3 in case
4 if
5 provided that
6 unnless
7 unless
8 if
9 Even if
10 in case/if
11 in case
12 Even if


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