Friday, March 29, 2013

Verb Tense and Examples

  An Overview
Simple Present
Simple Past
Simple Future
I play tennis every day.
Two years ago, I played tennis in England.
If you want to play with me, I will play tennis. I am going to play tennis next year.
Present Progressive
Past Progressive
Future Progressive
I am playing tennis now.
I was playing tennis when you called yesterday.
I will be playing tennis tomorrow. I am going to be playing tennis tomorrow.
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Future Perfect
I have played tennis in several different countries.
I had played tennis a little before I moved to the United States.
I will have played tennis for four hours if I play for another hour.
Present Perfect Progressive
Past Perfect Progressive
Future Perfect Progressive
I have been playing tennis for ten years.
I had been playing tennis for three years before I moved to the United States.
I will have been playing tennis for over three hours by the time you arrive

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