Thursday, November 1, 2012


A chant is a song, melody or something repeated over and over again. (noun)
An example of a chant is a simple church hymn.

Chant means to sing or to say something over and over again. (verb)
An example of chant is to continuously shout the same cheer at a sporting event.
Sentence examples:
  • Chant the mantra, sign up, send money.

  • We got as far as the porch, before hearing the sung chant of the offices within.

  • The music is very much inspired by gregorian chant.

  • Chanting loudly and displaying banners so that the public know what is happening behind all that razor wire.

  • Think a dragging romantic performance of handel's messiah, or " village church " anglican chant.
  • For the German translation click here

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