Saturday, April 7, 2012


Like every country Switzerland too has its own way of celebrating this springtime festivity. Easter in Switzerland is celebrated with great joy and fervor. So, settle in and get an insight into the Easter celebrations in Switzerland.

There are various customs and traditions that are an essential part of this grand fiesta. However, these traditions differ from country to country. For instance in Switzerland cuckoo brings the Easter eggs. The Easter eggs, cuckoo and baskets are a significant part of the grand celebration and are used extensively to enhance the cheerful spirit. In Switzerland, chocolate cuckoos, colored eggs and special Easter cakes in shop windows serve to remind children weeks before the event that Easter is the time to grab these goodies.

Various games and decorated Easter eggs are important to the young people, especially those living in towns and smaller villages. Easter Sunday in Switzerland starts off with an Easter-egg hunt, with children running across the house or garden, to search and fill their baskets with colorful eggs. The kid who gathers the most number of eggs receives additional gifts of sugar eggs, and chocolate eggs, little chocolate and marzipan rabbits with colored sugar flutings.

These are some of the festive activities that add spice to the Easter celebrations in Switzerland.

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