Saturday, January 28, 2012

A word from the teacher

Hello Dear English Learner,
I would like to share some words with you.
There are only a few reasons why I have chosen to become a language teacher.
I can honestly say:
It isn't because of the high salary.
It isn't because of the job security.
It isn't because I can change the world and make a difference.
Lastly, it isn't because I can climb the 'corporate laddar' and 'find fulfillment' through a gentle balance of work and pleasure.
What it is:
Defy gravity.
The question is, what motivates me?
To talk to you. To understand my fellow human being.
To communicate across all genre, colour, culture and situation.
Sooo, the next time you are doing your homework, think about this:
Your teacher loves teaching you.
She loves communicating with you and helping you to realise another way to communicate!!
In short-she loves her students.

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