Monday, December 13, 2010

Report Writing for First

Report Writing for FCE

A report includes an
main body,
recommendation or
a conclusion
(based on the task given).

Before writing
You have to make your writing plan. Spend around 5 minutes to make your plan which consists of an introduction, main body and recommendation.If the assignment does not ask for a recommendation, a conclusion is necessary.

Choose a fact so that the person who reads it will get the information about report.

- Don’t begin and end your report with Dear Sir/Madam, like a letter.
- Do say how you collected the information

Main body
- Do use headings because this makes it easier for the reader to find the main information.
- Do include two or three points under each heading. Make sure all your points fit with the headings.
- Do use a range of specific vocabulary or set phrases (e.g. some thought this was a good idea… /other students said they preferred…)
- Don’t use lots of adjectives and dramatic language as you do in a story. A report gives factual information.
- Don’t include irrelevant details or description.

- Do use formal language
- Do express opinions impersonally. Don’t express recommendations or opinions until the conclusion.
- Check your tense forms, the spelling, singular/plurals
Useful language
You have to make sure that your language is formal.

- The aim of this report is to…
- This report is intended to…

Reporting results
- Most people seem to feel that...
- Several people said/told me/suggested/thought that…
- It can be noted that...

Presenting a list
- The gave/suggested the following reasons:
- They made the following points: 1… 2 …

Making recommendations/conclusion
- I would therefore recommend (that we expand the library/installing a new coffee machine)
- It would seem that (banning mobile phones) is the best idea.
- In conclusion (green technologies are becoming..)

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